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The International School of Walvis Bay is an independent school founded in 2008 by a group of dedicated parents with a vision. We are confident that students, through their experience of The International School of Walvis Bay, will grow into fulfilled and responsible adults. We are a high achieving school in many areas – academically, a wide variety of social and cultural activities including music and arts. Enrolling at The International School of Walvis Bay means joining a large family of people all over the world who share common bonds with each other based on their years at school. We are rich in diversity, and cater for the large international community. Most of the current students are Namibian residents; however a large contingent comes from all over the world as far as Australia, Asia, Europe, Brazil, South Africa and various parts of Africa as well.

About us

Welcome to The International School of Walvis Bay, Namibia. ISWB is an independent, international school with a strong academic ethos combined with a commitment to ‘educating for life’, and a proud record of achievements. We are confident that students, through their experience of ISWB, will grow into fulfilled and responsible adults.

The School is home to 410 students, Pre-Primary to IGCSE and AS level (ages 3 to 18), who all enjoy the benefits of a remarkable school premises in the heart of Walvis Bay, Namibia. The School is a very busy place because it offers a diversity of activities. The pages which follow detail that diversity and hopefully give you a sense of the pleasure, privilege to be a student at this school.

One of the strengths of at The International School of Walvis Bay is the recognition of each individual’s special talent or interest so that we can assist it to develop. Structures within the school such as teacher run academic committees, student council and prefects, sports couches allow for much closer contact between students and staff, which enables recognition of both achievements and problems.

Our curriculum is developed around a solid core of tested practices and measured innovation. Learning happens in classrooms, on the sports fields, in the music and art rooms. Our principles are strong and are based on solid values which we hold up as models of behaviour whenever we can. Children coming into the school bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the world around them. It is our aim to build on these skills and promote a willingness and enthusiasm to learn more.

We invite you to visit our website and find out some more about us. Better still, get in touch with us directly and come and visit the school to experience the atmosphere yourself.


In 2006 the first group of high school children started with a Cambridge home-schooling course on the school premises.

In 2007 Mrs. Amanda Venter (now Gibson) joined the high school and together with Mrs Kaiko De Gouveia developed the idea of a fully fledged high school. In January 2008 the first high school teachers were employed.

The name was officially changed in October 2008 to The International School of Walvis Bay. The current Principal, Ms H Meyer was appointed in June 2009 and the school was registered as a Cambridge International Examination Centre in August 2009 and structural changes were made to the buildings to accommodate the then 153 students.

In 2010 the school soon ran out of space. Through a generous offer from a local business man and his wife we acquired a three story building bordering our existing structures. We started renovations in May 2010 and by October 2010 we moved into the building with the Primary and High School.

Had it not been for one woman’s love for her children and passion for education, the International School of Walvis Bay would not be here today, thank you Kaiko.

In 2010 the school now employs 18 full time staff and 8 specialist consultants. The student numbers have grown to over 265 in January 2010.

Today in 2016 we have 410 students, 26 full time teachers and 8 external consultants.


The Board of Trustees governs the Development Trust.
They are responsible for the buildings and grounds, which are owned by them on behalf of the parents.


Members of the International School Trust:

  • Alex Kirov
  • Jose Luis Reyero
  • Kaiko de Gouveia
  • Elizabeth de Brito Pao Alvo
  • Henda Meyer

The International School of Walvis Bay is an Art.21 Non-Profit Company.

The Board of Directors are the governing body of ISWB:

Members of the School Board 2016/17:

  • Alex Kirov
  • Jose Luis Reyero
  • Desire Morgadio
  • Pascal Paulsmeier
  • Ndaambe Haikali
  • Tony Raw
  • Barbara Krauer
  • Elizabeth de Brito Pao Alvo
  • Henda Meyer

Legal Status and Accreditation

The International School of Walvis Bay is incorporated under Section 21 of the Companies Act, and is registered with the Ministry of Education as a Private Education Institution in accordance with The Education Act. All the programmes on offer at our school are registered and accredited by the Namibian Qualifications Authority. Academically, the school is registered as an Cambridge International Examination Centre. The curriculum followed is the Cambridge International Curriculum, with the AS levels as the final certificate.


Welcome to The International School of Walvis Bay on-line registration process. All the information you need to achieve registration is available to you on this website. More



Giving to ISWB is an action which contributes to the school’s future prosperity and ensures that it remains at the forefront of independent school education.


86 Hage Geingob Street, Walvis Bay, Namibia
Office Number: +264 64 204789  
Mobile Phone Number: +264 81 306 4557
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