Violation of which could result in a summons to appear before the disciplinary committee. This could lead to suspension or expulsion.




The school accepts and acknowledges that a wide variety of addictive and habit forming substances are readily available throughout society and that young people are particularly vulnerable to substance abuse. The school accepts that it has a role to play in equipping people with information and knowledge about drugs, alcohol and substance abuse generally. The school’s policy is that in the event of any student being apprehended with drugs or alcohol the parents should be informed and be involved in the disciplinary process.


For clarification the rules are as follows: Alcohol, Illicit drugs and cigarettes

  • It is an offence for any member of the school to enter the school grounds whilst under the influence of alcohol.
  • Drinking of alcohol on the school grounds, in or out of school uniform is not allowed.
  • Students are not allowed in a licensed bar, expect under parent supervision, and may not be served alcohol in any licensed premises such as a restaurant.
  • Students may not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes on school tours.
  • Drinking of alcohol in public or on private premises is not allowed for students under 18.
  • No student may drink at any school function whether on or off campus. This includes all end of season functions, birthday, and other celebratory functions and holds whether or not a student is under or over 18 years.
  • No staff member may provide students with, or give students permission to drink alcohol under any circumstances at any school function whether on or off school grounds.
  • No student may be in possession of drugs. The use of drugs or any illegal chemical substance is strictly prohibited.
  • No student is allowed to be in possession of or smoke cigarettes while under the jurisdiction of the school.
  • The deliberate act of taking for one’s own use, and either keeping for one’s own possession or giving or selling to a third party, something which belongs to another is forbidden.



  • If any student is alleged to have cheated during classroom time and exams, he or she could be asked to appear before a disciplinary committee and if found guilty he or she could be suspended and or expelled.


Unauthorised absence from school

  • No student may be knowingly absent from school without the teacher’s permission or without a letter of explanation from his or her parents.


Disrespect for others

  • No student may encroach upon the personal rights of other’s whether in the form of bullying, baiting or racial intolerance.
  • Wilful damage of property.
  • Wilful damage of property on the school’s premises will render any student liable for suspension or expulsion.



  • Any misconduct, which may compromise the name of the school, including being convicted by a court of a criminal offence, will render the perpetrators liable for suspension or expulsion.


All members of the International School of Walvis Bay are committed to ensuring a safe and caring environment which promotes personal growth and a positive self-esteem for all. ISWB does not tolerate bullying in any form.


What is bullying?

  • Bullying is an act of aggression causing embarrassment, pain or distress to another.
  • It can take a number of forms: physical, verbal, gesture, extortion and exclusion.
  • It is an abuse of power and act of cowardice.
  • It can be planned and organised, or it can be unintentional.
  • Individuals or groups may be involved.


Examples of bullying for which perpetrators would be held to account include:

  • Any form of physical violence such as hitting, pushing or spitting on others;
  • Any physical activity which causes acute discomfort outside of a sport’s practice organized by a staff member;
  • Interfering with another’s property by stealing, hiding, damaging or destroying it;
  • Using offensive names, teasing or spreading rumours about others or their families;
  • Using put-down, belittling others’ abilities and achievements;
  • Writing offensive notes or graffiti about another’s culture, religious or social background;
  • Making degrading comments about another’s culture, religious or social background;
  • Writing offensive notes or graffiti about others – including electronically on sites such as Face book;
  • Hurtfully excluding others from a group;
  • Making suggestive comments or other forms of sexual harassment;
  • Ridiculing another’s appearance;
  • Forcing others to act against their will.

The only solution to bullying is to deal with the bullies. Staff is committed to ensuring that every student feels safe and secure at school.


The disciplinary committee is appointed by the Principal to deal with punishment for breaking petty school rules and to deal with other offences. The committee consists of two senior members of staff. He committee may choose to involve the Principal should the offence be considered as a serious offence. Any punishment for an offense is at the discretion of the Principal in agreement with the disciplinary committee.


1st Offence – minor offence

Detention on a Friday
Detention on a Saturday morning


2nd Offence – minor offence

Council with the parent
A letter to the parent
Final warning — possible suspension


1st offence – serious offence

Referral for complete assessment
Council with the parent(s)
Suspension from school for a period determined by the Principal and in accordance with the severity of the offence and no more than one month.


2nd Offence – serious offence



Students who have experienced or are experiencing problems as a result of drug or alcohol abuse, on several occasions, will be entitled to appropriate assistance, and will not be denied the opportunity to receive an education or the right to reintegration back into the school community. However, in cases where the student does not wish to make use of such help offered to him or her, the school will have no choice but to take the necessary action, which may include suspension or expulsion, as determined by the relevant legislation.


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